Protection Policies

Protection policies are an extremely important part of successful Financial Planning. Broadly Protection Policies fall under 3 categories:

  • Life Assurance
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Income Protection Plans

Life Assurance: whether you are looking to cover a specific liability such as a mortgage or just looking for a policy to provide benefit for your dependents we can advise on and arrange a life policy for you. As an Independent Financial Adviser we can obtain a highly competitive premium for you for this cover.

Critical Illness Cover: Such policies will pay out in the event of you being diagnosed as suffering from one of a number of Critical Illnesses such as a Heart Attack or Cancer as defined by the Insurance Company. The illnesses covered can vary from insurer to insurer and therefore it is important to seek independent advice to ensure that you get the right policy.

Income Protection Plans: We will advise and arrange a suitable policy to provide you with an income should you be unable to work through accident, sickness or unemployment and we will source the best policy on the market for you.

Life cover (non investment) and income protection: The plan will have no cash in value at any time, and will cease at the end of the term. If premiums are not maintained, then cover will lapse.

Critical illness: The policy may not cover all definitions of a critical illness. For definitions of illnesses covered please refer to the Key Features and Policy Documents.

We will also take into account:

  • Any no claims benefit available
  • That your chosen occupation class is fully catered for
  • We can arrange for your benefits to increase each year

Cover is available to both Employed and Self Employed Individuals.

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